GTronica Associates
Intelligent connected devices expert

Key points

Improve customer engagement by leverage operational efficiency.
Transforming business, deepening customer relationships, enriching support levels, and increasing the overall interactions businesses have with both their product and their customers.


  • Performance indicators
  • Analyzes your assets and entire portfolio based on customized criteria
  • Alerts for preventive maintenance
  • Identifies cost-saving oportunities
  • Improves budget performance


  • Allows access to a holistic view of your infrastructure’s performance
  • Offers clear insight for improving operational efficiency
  • Fix issues before they cause downtime


  • Alarms
  • Provides real-time data gathering to inform you whether your assets are compliant
  • Demonstrates your greenhouse gas inventory, showing total CO2 emissions relative to your target over time and among buildings
  • Integrates sustainability benefits into reports to help justify efficiency measures


Any type of sensors supported


Temperature and Humidity


Variable parameters

Monitoring and alarms

Who are we?

We are a joint group of talented professionals with more than 15 years of expertise mainly with the national telecommunications industry in a broad range of areas such as IT manager, product manager, systems architect, embedded software developer, electronic CAD, CNC maintenance and fabrication.


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